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the  graduation gift time capsule Imagine someone -- a child, or a future archaeologist, or an alien being - unearthing your time capsule in 100 years, 1,000 years, or even 1,000,000 years. What a sensation that will cause: "Ancient Artifacts from the 20th Century Found in Buried Time Capsule." And these future people will study your trinkets from the past - a crumbling newspaper, a penny, your birthday photo, a lock of your hair - and they will learn that little bit more about us.

Leave your mark on the future.
Be a part of History.
Bury a time capsule.


Put your future predictions in the time capsule

Include in your time capsule a letter to your yet-to-be-born relatives

Bury one share of Microsoft...

Use the time capsule to build a time machine. See the THEORY section below.

Include air samples, seeds, even your own DNA in the time capsule.

Put in music, maps, photos, comics, The TV Guide, advertisements, even your slang.

Open a bank account with $1 and include the passbook in the time capsule. It will be worth $1,000,000 in about 300 years...

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  Each time capsule is cylindrical with a screw on cap and is made from hi-
  grade long lasting clear acrylic polymers which will outlast metal containers.

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Classroom Size 

1 or 2 people 

10 people 

30 people 

12 x 4 inches 

18 x 4 inches 

24 x 4 inches 




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