What to put in your time capsule: 

A note to your yet-to-be-born children and grandchildren

Items common today, but that may be obsolete in the future - such as credit cards, pencils, locks, sunglasses, toothbrushes , diet recipes, medicine...

20th Century air

Map of your town / Map of the world

Map of the stars (star positions change noticeably over a 5,000 year period)

A list of what you last ate

A ticket stub from an event you attended

Photo of everyone present at the burial ceremony

Predictions for the future

Slang words and their meanings

Pencil tracing of your hand to see how much you've grown in the future

A favorite toy ready to be retired

A coded message (give future archaeologists something to think about!)

An IQ test

A book of poetry

Favorite old T-shirt

Winning Entries from an essay contest about the future

Menu from a favorite restaurant

Supermarket flyer showing prices

"Your View of the Future" time capsule questionnaires

Your own time capsule questionnaires

An essay of who you are and want to be

Your weight and height

A recording of your voice

Stamps and coins

Photos of local people and buildings

Phone bill (pay it first...)

Old Christmas Cards, Valentine Cards

Old Report Cards (or maybe not...)

One share of Microsoft (If you had done this 10 years ago, it would already be worth $10,000)

Watermelon seeds (What if the future didn't have watermelon?)

A note asking the future finders to bury their own time capsule

A favorite hat

A photo essay of body language and its meaning

Lyrics to your favorite song

List of top 100 songs on the radio

List of top 10 shows on TV

Secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies

Your DNA


A message in pictograph form in case the future discoverers are not from our planet...

Comic Strips

Joke Book

Current fad items like Atkins Diet menu,Pokemon,Tickle Me Elmo...

People Magazine

Deck of cards with rules to Go Fish

Sheet music of opera , jazz, rap, folk, pop music

TV Guide

Passbook from bank account containing $1 with note bequeathing the account to whomever finds the time capsule (with interest, it could be worth millions!)

Dried flowers

Baseball cards

Dried insects for future scientists to study

Various plant leaves

Bird feathers

A love letter

An apology note

Your favorite candy

Photo of your bedroom

Jar of honey (honey is the only food that never needs to be refridgerated and never dacays)

Periodic Table of the Elements (in case of a cataclysmic event, might give the future people a head start on 200 years of science)

A list of all the important mathematical equations ( again might give the future people a head start)

Current best-seller book. This is an interesting problem: what one book would you put in to best represent us to the future?
For example, if you put in Shakespeare, they might think we speak that way. If you put in "Dune", they might think we were in contact with aliens.
If you put in "The DaVinci Code", they might think we always spoke in riddles. It would be an interesting debate to find just the right book.

What NOT to put in your time capsule: 

Anything you might need real soon



Batteries (they leak acid)

Computer disks/CDs (every few years disk size becomes obsolete)

Video Tapes (again format and size become obsolete)

Your car keys



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