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All time capsules are made from high grade clear cylindrical acrylic designed to withstand heat and high pressure, the same durable material which creates a problem for our landfills. It is non-biodegradable and will be with us for thousands of years. Using this material for time capsules is finally a good application of these non-corroding polymers. Each capsule comes with a screw on cap and is sealed to be water tight.

  Personal Size    4" x 12"
  Family Size    4" x 18"
  Classroom Size    4"x 24"
Every capsule order includes:
Instruction Book - giving useful suggestions on what to put in the capsule and where to bury the capsule as well as a historical perspective on time capsules.
Questionnaires - prompting people to write down thoughts, goals, likes and dislikes, predictions and much more (great fun to fill out).
Ceremonial Certificate - To record the date and those present at the burial proceedings.
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